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Largest places in Indonesia

The largest cities and places in Indonesia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Indonesia.

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Largest places in Indonesia
Jakarta Jakarta1.Jakarta Raya Jakarta Raya8,540,121
Surabaya Surabaya2.East Java East Java2,374,658
Medan Medan3.North Sumatra North Sumatra1,750,971
Bandung Bandung4.West Java West Java1,699,719
Bekasi Bekasi5.West Java West Java1,520,119
Palembang Palembang6.South Sumatra South Sumatra1,441,500
Tangerang Tangerang7.Banten Banten1,372,124
Makassar Makassar8.South Sulawesi South Sulawesi1,321,717
South Tangerang South Tangerang9.Banten Banten1,303,569
Semarang Semarang10.Central Java Central Java1,288,084
Depok Depok11.West Java West Java1,198,129
Padang Padang12.West Sumatra West Sumatra840,352
Bandar Lampung Bandar Lampung13.Lampung Lampung800,348
Bogor Bogor14.West Java West Java800,000
Malang Malang15.East Java East Java746,716
Pekanbaru Pekanbaru16.Riau Riau703,956
City of Balikpapan City of Balikpapan17.East Kalimantan East Kalimantan700,000
Yogyakarta Yogyakarta18.Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta636,660
Situbondo Situbondo19.East Java East Java600,000
Banjarmasin Banjarmasin20.South Kalimantan South Kalimantan572,837
Surakarta Surakarta21.Central Java Central Java555,308
Cimahi Cimahi22.West Java West Java493,698
Pontianak Pontianak23.West Kalimantan West Kalimantan455,173
Manado Manado24.North Sulawesi North Sulawesi451,893
Balikpapan Balikpapan25.East Kalimantan East Kalimantan433,866
Jambi City Jambi City26.Jambi Jambi420,323
Denpasar Denpasar27.Bali Bali405,923
Ambon Ambon28.Maluku Maluku355,596
Samarinda Samarinda29.East Kalimantan East Kalimantan355,160
Mataram Mataram30.West Nusa Tenggara West Nusa Tenggara318,674
Percut Percut31.North Sumatra North Sumatra311,063
Bengkulu Bengkulu32.Bengkulu Bengkulu309,712
Jember Jember33.East Java East Java298,585
Palu Palu34.Central Sulawesi Central Sulawesi282,431
Kupang Kupang35.East Nusa Tenggara East Nusa Tenggara282,396
Sukabumi Sukabumi36.West Java West Java276,414
Tasikmalaya Tasikmalaya37.West Java West Java271,143
Pekalongan Pekalongan38.Central Java Central Java257,945
Cirebon Cirebon39.West Java West Java254,298
Banda Aceh Banda Aceh40.Aceh Aceh250,757
Tegal Tegal41.Central Java Central Java237,084
Kediri Kediri42.East Java East Java235,143
Binjai Binjai43.North Sumatra North Sumatra228,763
Purwokerto Purwokerto44.Central Java Central Java217,222
Purwakarta Purwakarta45.West Java West Java215,803
Loa Janan Loa Janan46.East Kalimantan East Kalimantan212,816
Pematangsiantar Pematangsiantar47.North Sumatra North Sumatra209,614
Ciputat Ciputat48.West Java West Java207,858
Ciampea Ciampea49.West Java West Java207,212
Cileungsir Cileungsir50.West Java West Java202,190

1 - 50 of 399 places
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